At Starter Level

At the starter level, young learners will be learning the basic lessons in English. They will be doing fun, exciting, and interactive activities that will develop their level of understanding in phonics, spelling, and basic sentence writing.

At Level 1

At Level 1, aspirant writers will learn basic grammar and vocabulary to form basic sentences. They will be looking for grammatical errors and correcting them accordingly.






At Level 2

At Level 2, aspirant writers will be learning intermediate level grammar and vocabulary to form more complex sentences and better compositions.


 At Level 3

At Level 3, aspirant writers will be using their learnings from Levels 1 and 2 to create their own interesting essays. They will learn the different kinds of essays as well as how to create one. These aspirants will think, formulate, illustrate, and research to create fascinating essays.

At Level 4 

At Level 4, aspirant writers will be given the task of writing their own stories independently and confidently. These writers will be given the freedom to write according to their own interests. They will also be given the chance to present their own story.

Independent Writing

At this level, the confident writers independently practice and develop their writing skills by utilizing their learnt knowledge to new contexts for further education and/or work. We as a mentor guide, give feedback and provide support to each writer through weekly one-on-one meeting.

Book Asset 

At this level, the writers confidently have already successfully written many series of their own books. They are encouraged to publish their writing to the community. 

Exam Tutorials

We also offer tutoring sessions for the studnets who are applying for any standardized exams, such as SSAT, MAP, IGCSE, A-Level, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS etc. 

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